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  • .NET 3.5 or later
  • Build tool with support for Portable Class Libraries (Visual Studio 201x, MsBuild)
  • StyleCop

The solutions can be opened in

  • VS 2010 (with the Portable Library Tools extension)
  • VS 2012 (with the latest update)
  • VS 2013
  • VS 2013 CE
  • VS 2015

VS Express does not support Portable Class Libraries, and cannot be used to build this project.

Depending on what platform you want to build, you may need to install extra SDKs or target framework profiles

Obtain the source code

This project is using Git distributed version control system (DVCS). To obtain the code, it is recommended to install one of the following Git clients

Clone the repository from This can be done by the following command line:

git clone

If you don’t want to use Git, you can also obtain the complete source code as a .zip archive from the repository page. Click the “Download Zip” button.


It should be possible to open the solution and build with Visual Studio or msbuild without any additional steps.

Build output

The build output of the Release configurations are placed in the Output/ folder. The output of the Debug configurations are placed under the Source/*/bin/Debug folders.